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At the heart of the AcuWeb™ System is AcuWeb™Updater, our feature-rich content management system, now in its fifth edition and celebrating more than 15 years of proven performance and ease-of-use.  Using nothing more than a standard web browser, AcuWeb™Updater™ allows you to add, organize, modify or remove content throughout your website, with no special software or prior technical knowledge.

Core capabilities of AcuWeb™Updater™ include:

  • A clear, simple and interactive Site Map to help you label and organize your site's pages, which automatically updates your site navigation;
  • A robust and searchable File Library to store and organize images, documents, downloads, and other information assets;
  • A powerful, yet intuitive Content Editor where you can add, store, modify and publish stories, complete with embedded images and links, including the ability to pre-set not only the page on which each story should appear, but also the dates on which that story should begin and end its appearance on your website;
  • An easy-to-manage Author Access area that makes it possible to set up multiple Updater™ log-ins for different people in your organization, and manage their ability to access and modify specific pages or sections of the website.

Every AcuWeb™Updater™ website comes with our outstanding AcuWeb™ support, including online tutorials that make it easy to learn Updater, as well as train others on your staff. By way of example, here is an informative Video Overview of AcuWebUpdater.

AcuWeb™Updater™ is an incredibly flexible system, able to render and manage a wide variety of website designs and visual interfaces.  To view a cross-section of websites using AcuWeb™Updater™, please visit our AcuWeb™ Portfolio page.

To learn more about the specific features of and affordability of Updater™, please feel free to contact us!