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AcuWeb™Files allows you to post online those documents, images, illustrations and other files you wish to make available across your enterprise, with selected (access-approved) third parties or with the public. Examples include business presentations, bid or scope documents, working drawings, product information sheets, logos, maps, P.R. photos, financial reports, customer-specific documents or any other type of files for which you would like to offer centralized and managed online access.

The AcuWeb™Access app works in tandem with Files to provide you with the ability to control which user(s) will be able to view and download particular files.  Users may view and/or download any file which has been tagged to match their account log-in, simply by clicking on the file's icon, thumbnail image, or 'download' button.  As a result, you can manage each item that will appear for each user, based on the user's log-in.  (Access can also be used with AcuWeb™Contacts to help you manage online rosters, such as membership records, where member self-update of their profiles is desired.)

The first screen, below, left, depicts the Administrator's view of AcuWeb™Files.  The list-view is searchable, and the Administrator can add, categorize or remove any file at any time.  The second screen [right] is a typical example of a 'public view' of Files, including the user-level search tool.  Remember, the user must be logged in in order to see the public list-view of the documents, and each user can only search from among file categories you have assigned to their log-in account; searches will not reveal files to which a particular user has not been assigned.

Please take a few minutes to watch this informativeVideo Overview of AcuWebFiles.

NOTE: To see an enlargement of each view, just click on the image.

To learn more about the specific features of and affordability of AcuWeb™Files, please feel free to contact us.