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AcuCam on-location webcam service

AcuCam™ takes the mystery out of online webcam service! With AcuCam™, you can provide web visitors with live images of your facility in action, an ongoing construction project, scenic views, and more. For security, you can also use AcuCam to provide "closed-circuit" monitoring of your facility -- or any remote location -- 24/7.

The AcuCam™ package includes camera hardware, posting of your live images to your website or a "closed-circuit" address, and storage of past images for archival or "time-lapse" purposes. The basic AcuCam™ package includes an indoor, fixed-position camera, with optional browser-controlled pan-tilt-zoom, super-high resolution and weatherproof camera configurations available at a modest additional charge.

AcuCam™ packages are based on a 36-month service agreement; the customer is responsible for providing a broadband internet connection and 120VAC power to the camera location. Browser-controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is available for a small additional charge. Outdoor installation costs vary by location and are priced per project.

To learn more about the specific features of and affordability of AcuCam™, please feel free to contact us.