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AcuWeb™Events is a hierarchical event listing management app, available as an adjunct to your AcuWeb™ Updater™-powered website, for clients who would like to have the capacity to incorporate hierarchical event listings on their sites without the need to employ a complex scheduling or calendar management system.

AcuWeb™Events allows you to schedule and display events by day and time. Events can additionally be categorized by event type or venue. Events is ideal for situations where you'd like to remind your site visitors of upcoming events, post operating hours and holiday notices, or even as an internal (intranet) tool for facilitating your company's operations. AcuWeb™Events can be configured for public display or can optionally be configured with a log-in, ideal for clients who would like to post an online events calendar for 'anytime, anywhere' managed access by the company's staff.  Discover more about the power and versatility of Events by taking a few minutes to watch this informativeVideo Overview of AcuWebEvents.

AcuWeb™Events listing view

AcuWeb™Events detail view

AcuWeb™Events edit view

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To learn more about the specific features of and affordability of AcuWeb™Events, please feel free to contact us.